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Vegetation and Flora Management Plans

Vegetation Management Plans

It is common for a vegetation management plan to be required as part of the development conditions of a project. The plan may apply to native vegetation occurring within or adjacent to the development and is most often intended to ensure the improved or ongoing function of the habitat for native flora and fauna.

BAAM researches and prepares Vegetation Management Plans for developments from residential subdivisions to mines and major infrastructure projects. BAAM has also developed Vegetation Management Plans for local governments and other locally based organisations to maintain or improve the quality of habitat provided by native vegetation on public and/or conservation lands.

Key to developing a successful Vegetation Management Plan is an understanding of the ecosystem components and existing and potential threats to ecosystem integrity. BAAM’s experienced ecologists provide informed and practical vegetation management advice to minimise threats and maintain ecological processes.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on ground experience are key resources for producing an effective and achievable vegetation management plan to meet your requirements.

Flora Management Plans

Commonwealth and State development approval processes often require specific plans for the management of flora species that are listed as threatened species under the Commonwealth’s EBPC Act or listed as threatened, near threatened or restricted plants under State statutes.

Depending on the circumstances, flora species management options can range from protecting existing specimens to trimming or lopping a single plant to the complete translocation of many individuals. The goal of flora species management plans is to set out detailed actions that ensure a project does not jeopardise the viability of the subject species.

BAAM has prepared, implemented, and monitored a range of flora species management plans and Impact Management Plans for quarry, road, school, airport and other infrastructure developments. This has required thorough knowledge of the species of interest to ensure proposed actions are appropriate, feasible and ultimately successful.

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