Biodiversity Offsets

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Biodiversity Offsets

What Are They?

In making a development application, a proponent must demonstrate that potential adverse biodiversity impacts have been avoided, minimised and mitigated as far as reasonably possible. Commonwealth, State and local government offset policies allow for the residual unavoidable impacts of a development to be addressed by providing offsets for the affected matters.


How We Do It

The results of an Ecological Assessment will identify matters for which an offset may be required. We will work with you in planning to avoid, minimise and mitigate impacts wherever possible to reduce the need for offsets and retain important habitat. Where there will be unavoidable impact the affected habitat must be measured and quantified according to specific guidelines. You can be confident our experienced ecologists will achieve this efficiently and accurately.

We will research and prepare the documentation needed to address offset requirements for all levels of Government, and can assist in identification and assessment of suitable offset options to formulate an offset strategy.

Once an offset is established, the habitat quality or progress of the offset must be tracked (and reported) in its achievement of the required outcomes within an approved timeframe. BAAM also provides habitat quality monitoring services, reporting on offset progress.

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