Expert Advice for Land and Planning and Environment Court matters

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Expert Advice for Land and Planning and Environment Court matters

What We Do

BAAM Director Adrian Caneris is an experienced expert witness and provider of expert advice for Land Court and Planning and Environment Court matters relating to fauna species, fauna habitat and fauna management.

With support from the ecology team, Adrian provides the following services for Land and Planning and Environment Court matters:

  • Specialist Technical Reports

Preparing specialist technical reports relied on for expert witnesses in court matters. These can range from reporting on a single site inspection to complex reporting of many weeks of detailed field survey. In particular, it is not simply the ability to accurately list species presence or absence that represents our strength, it is our ability to interpret results, define the relevance of results to legislation and determine the implications for relevant matters and grounds of an appeal.

Our technical reports are always of rigorous scientific content and are noted to be clear, concise, and relevant to the issue before the court.

  • Joint Expert Meetings and Reports

Adrian has participated in numerous expert meetings and produced subsequent joint reports which detail where areas of agreement have been achieved and clearly stipulate the details and issues of areas of disagreement. The clear identification of disagreement and relevance of the issues before the court allows our experts to then focus on the areas of disagreement to inform the mediation process (where relevant) and the expert’s evidence where required.

  • Participation in the mediation process

Adrian participates fully in the mediation process, understanding that the role of mediation is to identify issues, examine options and alternatives, and endeavour to reach agreement. Through his expertise he can identify those issues that can be resolved and those matters that warrant contesting.

  • Experts Court Report (Statement of Evidence )

Our in-house expertise ensures that all statements of evidence are fully informed and scientifically sound or based on considerable experience and expertise with the relevant matter/s. Having the support of a range of ecological experts and GIS services allows our reports to address all aspects of relevant issues and provide clear figures and concise opinions.

All report versions are individually numbered and dated for document control purposes, where applicable. All Statements of Evidence and Joint Expert Reports are compiled in accordance with Queensland Planning and Environment Court rules.

  • Evidence in Chief

Adrian been proven to provide sound and confident evidence in chief. His experience and expertise enables confident responses on relevant matters and questions. He ensures that he only provide comment on areas of relevance to his expertise and the contested grounds of each appeal.

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