Ecological Restoration

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Ecological Restoration

What Is It?

Ecological restoration planning, monitoring and evaluation services may be required for a number of purposes, including:

  1. Offset establishment, where restoration of regrowth or natural habitat for the offset matter is the priority.
  2. Development approval, due to degraded ecosystems being retained within conserved habitat.
  3. Progressive and mine closure rehabilitation, to ensure completion criteria is achieved for the agreed rehabilitation objective and sustainable end-use.
  4. Compliance restoration, where unapproved clearing has occurred and there is an order in place for ecological restoration made by regulators.
  5. Habitat restoration for koala and other wildlife conservation reserves.

What We Do

BAAM can provide the plans for ecological restoration and rehabilitation projects using a variety of approaches that range from utilising existing natural regeneration to complete habitat re-establishment.

We can advise our clients of the most suitable method based on the level of biotic and abiotic degradation at a site and the desired or priority landscape objectives.

We use current best-practice guidelines and scientific research to ensure BAAM’s restoration plans, methodology and recommendations are practical and successful.

Ecological restoration and rehabilitation services include:

  • Individual site and project needs analysis and planning, including Habitat Rehabilitation Management Plans, Offset Management Plans, Koala/Fauna Management Plans and Special Area Plans.
  • Advice for various types of planting methods depending on the landscape objective, with consideration for erosion control.
  • Strategic pest, weed and biosecurity management and planning.
  • Restoration advice on phytocapping design, implementation and management.
  • Forest resource inventories, growth rate analysis for rehabilitation and productive forestry purposes.
  • Recommendations for fire management practices including site assessments, burn preparation and fuel reduction management.

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