BAAM Service Sectors


In delivering over 600 individual service contracts for infrastructure projects over the past 20 years BAAM has contributed ecological information to due diligence, development applications, impact assessments and management, monitoring and maintenance actions for a broad range of projects including:

  • Roads and bridges
    Existing and greenfield
  • Airports and airfields
    Impact assessment, monitoring, management, bird strike
  • Dams, weirs, reservoirs and water treatment plants
    Existing and greenfield
  • Pipelines
    Water, waste and gas
  • Harbour developments
    Small public use, Priority Development Areas and large industrial/mining facilities
  • Community infrastructure
    Hospitals, universities, schools, emergency services, places of worship, entertainment centres, walking trails, community halls, correctional facilities, sports fields, shooting ranges, golf courses, sewage treatment plants, landfill and waste management facilities
  • Rail
    Existing and greenfield
  • Renewable energy projects
    Wind farms, solar farms, biomass, hydro and hydrogen
  • Communication infrastructure
    Towers and cables
  • Department of Defence infrastructure
    Radar installations, airfields, training grounds
  • Tourism developments
    Coastal and inland walking, bike trails and accommodation, including ecotourism in conservation estate
  • Power stations and transmission lines
    Existing and greenfield
  • Infrastructure corridor assessments
These services have been provided to public and private entities.

Focusing on combining the provision of affordable, well-targeted and reliable ecological services with outstanding customer service has ensured the sustained relevance of our business in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

If you are planning an infrastructure project, undertaking expansion or maintenance programs, carrying out ecological monitoring for compliance purposes, or simply need an independent review of your current ecological advice, please follow the links below to find out more about the ecological services you may require and how BAAM can provide sound and trusted ecological services to your project:


Ecological Assessment

For local, State and/or Commonwealth matters

Protected Plant Surveys

Related to the Queensland flora survey trigger map and approval applications

Animal Breeding Places

Assessment and approval applications

Koala Habitat Assessment

Targeted to respond to the relevant legislative requirements

Ecological Due Diligence

Prior to land purchase or development planning

Biodiversity Offsets

Advice, field data and planning offsets for national, state and local matters of environmental significance

Vegetation and Flora Management Plans

Including Rehabilitation and Weed Management

Flora Translocation

Planning and management if required for protected plants

Ecological Restoration

For impact mitigation, offset establishment or compliance with orders

Fauna Spotting and Fauna Relocation

For clearing activities or dam dewatering

Peer Review

Of ecological studies and advice

EPBC Act Referral Advice

Where matters of National environmental significance are present

Ecological Monitoring

To track success of mitigation and management actions

Expert Advice

For Land and Planning and Environment Court matters


Public Sector

Residential & Industrial