Protected Plant Surveys

Protected Plant Surveys

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Protected Plant Surveys

When Do You Need One?

If a project is not exempt from the requirements of the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the project area contains a “high risk” area for protected plants as indicated on the State’s Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Map, the conduct of a Projected Plant Survey as defined by the ‘Flora Survey Guidelines – Protected Plants’ is required. The results of the survey will determine if the project is exempt from requiring a Protected Plant Clearing Permit (if no protected plants are recorded), or whether an application for a Protected Plant Clearing Permit is required. The surveys must be undertaken by a “suitably qualified person” as defined by the guideline.

If protected plants are present, the application for a Protected Plant Clearing Permit must be accompanied by an appropriate Impact Management Plan.

How We Do It

You’ll see the term ‘random meander’ used to describe the survey method applied to detect the presence of protected plants. In fact, the surveys are carefully targeted. Protected plants that may be present are first determined through database search and identification of habitat types within the mapped trigger area/s. Representative habitats within the trigger area/s are surveyed, specifically searching for the species identified through desktop analysis and understanding their growth forms and habit.

Our team includes ecologists accepted as “suitably qualified” to carry out these surveys and has undertaken many Protected Plant Surveys in accordance with the guideline, also preparing follow-up Impact Management Plans to accompany applications for Protected Plant Clearing Permits when required. BAAM will assist with the permit submission process.

The results of Protected Flora Surveys can be reported separately or are included as a component of an Ecological Assessment where one is undertaken.

Flora Translocation

A need to translocate conservation significant flora species may be part of an approved Impact Management Plan. Our ecologists can plan for, and subsequently undertake or supervise the necessary translocation and follow-up monitoring.

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