Ecological Monitoring

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Ecological Monitoring

Why It’s Needed

Ecological monitoring can be required for many reasons, although primarily it is undertaken to meet development approval conditions and inform conservation and management actions.

Development approval conditions often include a requirement to monitor and report on the progress of offsets, ecological restoration, rehabilitation, revegetation or flora translocation actions. We are able to provide guidelines for progress benchmarks that can be achieved, with monitoring methods and scheduling for submission to regulators to consider when developing approval conditions.

Our Experience

Our ecologists are practiced in the field methods required to measure ecological impacts, offset or restoration/rehabilitation progress and will provide reports suitable for submission to the approval authorities, as well as supplying recommendations to the project for steps to improve performance when required to ensure achievement of conditioned benchmarks is on track.

BAAM has carried out over 90 ecological monitoring service contracts including for:

  • mining and quarrying (impact, offset and rehabilitation monitoring),
  • water supply (impacts of water drawdown),
  • road projects (fauna movement infrastructure),
  • ecotourism developments (impacts of human presence),
  • airport operation (impacts of operations and condition of conservation areas),
  • wildlife roadkill (baseline and post mitigation scenarios),
  • pest animal monitoring, and
  • community rehabilitation programs (monitoring progress).

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