Ecological Services for the Mining, Gas and Quarrying Industries

BAAM has carried out over 175 ecological surveys and other studies for mining, gas and quarrying projects. The scope of these projects has ranged from due diligence prior to site planning, studies targeting significant flora and fauna species and Endangered vegetation communities for planning and management purposes, environmental impact statements, preparation of species and habitat management plans, identification and characterisation of offset areas and ecological monitoring to demonstrate compliance with project approval conditions. These projects have benefited from the advice of experienced ecological consultants who have specialist knowledge of the ecosystems they are working in and species that may occur there, combined with a thorough understanding of the relevant legislative requirements and, most importantly, an appreciation of the project imperatives.

BAAM works closely with project managers at every step to ensure our service is responsive, providing the information, feedback and advice necessary for achieving the optimal outcome for each project.

BAAM provides ecological services to the mining, gas and quarrying industries from exploration to rehabilitation phases, navigating often complex multi-government legislation, regulations and guidelines.  For each project BAAM creates a body of information that forms a valuable resource for our client and provides the necessary level of detail to our client and the regulators for sound ecological decision-making.

BAAM contracts directly to mine and quarry operators and developers, or works as a specialist ecological sub-consultant to larger, multidisciplinary consulting companies. Our staff are well trained and well prepared, understanding, appreciating and complying with our clients’ and our own confidentiality, health, safety and environmental requirements for each project.

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