BAAM advances land snail conservation at Bush Blitz Symposium -

BAAM biodiversity scientist Dr John Stanisic was one of the presenters at the Bush Blitz Symposium held at Old Parliament House in Canberra on 30th July. A total of 180 delegates attended on the day and were entertained by 24 speakers highlighting some of the outcomes of the latest round of Bush Blitz expeditions.                     

Bush Blitz is a national partnership between the Australian government, BHP Billiton and Earthwatch Australia to discover, document and describe Australia’s unique flora and fauna. It is the first continental-scale biodiversity survey of Austalia, providing knowledge needed to help protect Australia’s biodiversity. As environmental consultants specialising in ecological surveys of Australia’s biodiversity, BAAM is proud to be associated with Bush Blitz.

Australia’s lead expert on land snails, Dr John Stanisic presented the findings of two surveys that he carried out in the Mallee country of south-eastern Australia. While not discovering any new species his finds included many new locality records of existing species. These data will be incuded int the ANHAT (Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool) database which is used to prioritise areas for biodiversity conservation.

A second round of Bush Blitz expeditions has been funded.

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